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Manx Equitherapy is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with a mission of providing personal growth and change through a variety of social and therapeutic services. Manx Equitherapy provides a safe and fun environment in which participants can broaden their experience and develop their self-knowledge. Our most important values include respect for all, the courage to try new things without judging the outcome, personal growth and learning. We use a variety of equine assisted approaches tailored to the participant through which they interact with the horse in a unique way enabling their goals to be met more swiftly and efficiently than through using more traditional methods. 

The family team at Manx Equitherapy have a depth and breadth of knowledge about human and horse psychology and bringing the two species together in a unique connection, the team are able to provide insight and enlightenment giving a new approach to learning and a safe space to reconnect and re-balance.

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Why Horses?

Horses are dynamic, kind, extremely sensitive and powerful beings. They are a herd animal and are naturally inquisitive. Within their herd they have a hierarchy and each horse knows their place in the group. Like us, they enjoy each others company and can feel vulnerable and frightened if they feel alone.

Although they are a prey animal, their size , presence and power make them naturally intimidating, particularly to us humans! For some people, this presents them with a challenge as soon as they start an equine assisted programme- to overcome this fear. Combating the initial issue can be incredibly liberating and helps to boost feelings of confidence and self-esteem. Accomplishing tasks and gaining the trust of horses only continues to reinforce these feelings on empowerment.

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